Raw Mill

Raw Mill

Specification: Φ1.2×4.5-Φ3.5×10
Capacity : 1.7-73(t/h)
Grinding media : 5-118(t)
Application: Cement Industry


Raw mill is mainly used for grinding cement raw materials. It can also be used for grinding various ores and other materials in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industry. Raw mill has features such as high capacity, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
Raw mill usually is used for grinding various ores and other materials in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industry.
Raw mill is mainly consisting of feeding device, big gear wheel, discharging device, cylinder, grate plate, hollow shaft, liner, driving device and other components.
1. The inlet device is consisting of inlet chute and spiral cylinder. There are lining plates in the inlet chute, which extend the working life of the inlet device.
2. Cap is made of high-quality carbon steel and the hollow shaft is cast moulding, combining together to ensure its safe and reliable operation.
3. Inside the raw mill, different stages have different lining plate structure, which will greatly improve the grinding efficiency.
4. Main bearings are sliding bearings, which has good strength, ductility, polymerism, anti-frication, abrasion resistance, lubricity and thermal conductivity. It is able to meet the lubricated requirements of the hollow shaft well and easy to change, applying to low speed, heavy load working condition of raw mill.
raw mill


1. Product fineness is adjustable and uniform.
2. Relatively low energy consumption, low wear, low operating costs.
3. High grinding efficiency, less wear and tear.
4. Low investment costs, simple process.


Output t/h

power(kw) reducer
  model Ratio of speed
Ф1.2x4.5 1.7   30.3 5 55 ZD30-8 4.481
Ф1.5x5.7 4.5   26.34 11 130 ZD40-7 4
Ф1.83x6.4 8.5   23.9 18 210 ZD60-8 4.5
Ф1.83x7 11   24.5 20 245 ZD60-8 4.5
Ф2.2x6.5 16   21.4 28 280 ZD70-9 5
Ф2.2x7.5 16-21   21.4 32 380 ZD70-9 5
Ф2.4x7 17-19   20.4 36 380 JDx560 6.33
Ф2.4x8 24-26   20.3 41 470/11 JD630 6.33
Ф2.4x12 35-38   20 62 800/11 JD800/ZD82.5-7-L 6.33/99.96
Ф2.4x13 35-38   19.4 69 800 JDX800/MBY800 6.33
Ф2.6x13 50-55   19.5 83 1000 JDX800/MBY800 4.5

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